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As promised, here are my final conclusions on Prototype…



A week or so ago I posted my initial reactions to Prototype, and I feel that it is only fair that I follow up with some conclusions on the game now that I have completed it.

It is perhaps unsurprising that I have traded it in. That’s not to say it was a terrible game, blapping around the city, messing about with the powers, random fights with infected… all this kept me amused for some time, but I still feel that it lacked two fundamental points:

1) Originality: I struggle to find anything in Prototype that I could not get from a Spiderman game. Movement round the city, fight sequences, the upgrading system; these are all very reminiscent of any Activision sandbox / open-world game… and again I return to Spiderman. The only real difference is instead of web-swigging, you hover.

2) Plot: I found this very lacking and jumbled and obviously I shall not be going into details (spoilers and the such), but I did find that there was barely a thin piece of cotton holding the thread of this game together in terms of story.

I would recommend Prototype if you are looking for some mindless ‘ fun’ gaming; you’ve just got in from work, you want to zone out and mess around. But if you are looking for an emotive and gripping plot with a shred of originality you are in for a disappointment. Maybe I began the game with the wrong attitude and took other peoples rave reviews too literally, but I just didn’t feel the passion for the game I was expecting. Metacritic is beginning to reflect this, and Prototypes score is beginning to drop… try a rental and see how you feel.

Having said all this, Black Box Conversations [Rob Taylor] has very a very different opinion and he may post his own review on completion.


In other news, I picked up Call of Duty: World at War when I traded in Prototype, a game I have been avoiding for a long time as I was expecting a direct rip from CoD: Modern Warfare, just with a World War II setting. So far I have been pleasantly surprised, some of the set-pieces actually provoking a vocal response of wonder (you just cannot beat a good FPS in my opinion). Review to follow once completed.