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258,857 Miles of Solitude

Posted in Fiction with tags , , , , on July 4, 2009 by randomintermissions

Quite some time ago I began writing a series of 50 word long stories with the intention of publication. Well that project feel by the wayside like some kind of lumbering badger.

Today I bring you my first attempt in a while. Not completely happy with it, so [constructive] criticism is welcome.


Gazing down at the planet below, the Earth looks peaceful for the first time. No sounds can penetrate the stillness of the moons surface. Enveloped by the vacuum of space, my breathing comes easy. The distant twinkling of the stars relaxes the mind and I finally feel at home.

Apogee - 252,088 miles, Perigee - 225,622 miles

Apogee - 252,088 miles, Perigee - 225,622 miles