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Today I saw this…

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... FML ...

… i loled.

Odd coincidence, I was sat on the toilet when I discovered this little gem. For those of you who don’t know, FML is a charming little website (and as you can see, app) where people can upload humours or tragic things that have happened to them, causing their day to become a little bit worse. Seeing as the iPhone / Android market place have made the need for a newspaper in the deification receptacle room, I have made this my choice app for having a poo in the morning. It sets me up nicely knowing someone else is going to be having a worse day than me.

Consider it a watered down Jeremy Kyle show without the smug twat shouting every two seconds.


A newspaper

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A newspaper is so horribly outdated when you can update your Word Press blog from the bog.


All hail the iPhone generation.
N.B. This is not going to become yet another iPhone related blog spot unlike some other sites I can think of. I would however like to say a nice big thank you to all the internet thieves, hackers and pirates who made jail-breaking the iPhone such a pain-free task.


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Well here is a little oddity – Geocaching. Imagine a childhood treasure hunt, but on a global scale with the use of some GPS gadgetry / iPhone and you begin to get a good idea what it is all about. I originally heard about this some time ago on the radio and thought to myself “my, that sound geeky, but fun”, but then promptly forgot all about it in the midst of a road rage induced outburst.

Then, last night one of my house mates mentioned that the guys on TRS had been having a go, and that there are loads of caches just begging to be found right in my humble home city, Lincoln.

Within 14 hours we are kitted up with a couple of nicknack’s, pens, cameras and of course the trusty iPhone. We stepped out of the house heading towards our first destination about half a miles stroll away following the little blip on the iPhone. Of course, the GPS signal only gets you so far, then the real fun begins, following clues to try and track down the cache. Most of the ones we found today were little film pots containing reams of paper with the names and dates of people who have found the cashe previously. Others are larger, Tupperware containers filled with nicknack’s that you trade (but in one of your own in exchange for one that was already in there).

Not the one we found, but edited with the right tracking number
Not our bug, but correct tracking number

Our second find also brought some amusement from some passers by who stopped to ask “Are you Geocachers?”.  A pleasant surprise to meet some people from the area who are also into it on our very first attempt!

There are also Travel Bugs. These are small, keyring like objects with a tracking number on them. When you come across one deposited within a cache, are you meant to grab it, take it with you, and deposit in within another cache. Just our luck again that cache number three today reveals a travel bug.

Now we may have messed this up a little; the bug was attached to a bunch of other info and another key ring, but being n00bs, we only grabbed the bug. However, it is still trackable from the number and has already been relocated outside of the city. [For those that are interested follow].

Me, Alan and Mark at the Off The Wall location in Lincoln, having just discovered a Travel Bug
Me, Alan and Mark at the Off The Wall location in Lincoln, having just discovered a Travel Bug

Well, that’s it, no bells or whistles on this blog, just a simple description of a fun pass-time that I would like to share with anyone who should read this; it’s a great way to spend a day off!