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The pitter patter of crimson rain.

Pure, fluidic poetry.

A shadow’s breath mists in the bitter air as another falls breathless to the ground.

The white tile canvas explodes with dark, vibrant red.

As it flows, the first shadow relaxes and fades into the dank of the room.

Sweet release.



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Another flash of fiction…


... Come for a swim? ...

An expanse of still water, no sign of life, not a hint of land.

Being along here is hard.

But then: an explosion rocks the water sending our lone hero riding on the surf crest of a wave.

The little yellow rubber duck was no longer alone in the bath.

A Light Left On

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... A light left on ...

I have been considering [for the past 3 years] writing a short book comprised brief works of fiction, each of 50 words or less. Below is one of my first attempts, others may follow if I get some feedback and if anyone has suggestions for titles (it’s amazing what I can write to, but without a title, I get rather stuck!) Feel free to leave me a comment of title suggestions and I shall see what I can do for you.

A Light Left On

Bleary eyed, throbbing head, stale alcohol hangs in the air. Light streams through the window, yet the light is on.

A vague feeling I need to be somewhere.

The clock flashes 00.00, but that’s unconsciously wrong.

A fumble for a watch reveals the truth; It’s past ten, and I’m late.

A Sign of the Thymes

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Possibly the beginning to a short story. I originally wrote this for the Waterstone’s “What’s Your Story?” competition and although it didn’t progress past the first round, I rather like it and am pondering expanding it further.

A Sign of the Thymes

October was cold that, and the unsympathetic rain cascading over the windshield did nothing to ease his mood. The sign gradually became clearer with the grumbling of the rusty Fiesta; “The Thymes Bridge”. Pulling slowly to the side of the road, a sigh escaped the driver’s lips. Barely in his thirties, he looked as decrepit as the car; unshaven, unwashed and in dire need of sleep. The headlights dimmed, and the engine died.

Eventually he emerged, gingerly stepping from the car. He pulled the coat tight around his quivering body, a poor defence against such unforgiving weather.

Guilt had made the last three years seem like an eternity, with each visit becoming harder to bear.

Moving to the waters edge, he crept along, pushing his weary body against the elements until he reached the base of the bridge. Stooping, he began a ritual that had played out in his head endlessly, muttering a few private words to himself before tentatively heading back to the car.

Leaning against the bonnet of the car, the man’s head drooped. “I’m sorry”, he whispered, “I’m so sorry”. A few feet away, at the base of “The Thymes Bridge”, the wind and rain beat down on the flowers left by a man with nothing left to lose.

We were all thinking it.

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... Velocirapture ...

Don’t lie to me, I know you were.

Joking aside, it did turn vaguely apocalyptic at 6pm on Saturday. For those of you who missed this, Saturday 21st May 2011 was meant to be Judgement Day. Thankfully this all turned out to be bollocks… unless no one is worthy of The Raptured… but then where are our battling demons on Earth? What a wash out.

Source: Reddit.

what? What? WHAT?

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What the hell was this guy thinking? Click image to view…

... Click Me ...

Source: Reddit.

Today I saw this…

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... FML ...

… i loled.

Odd coincidence, I was sat on the toilet when I discovered this little gem. For those of you who don’t know, FML is a charming little website (and as you can see, app) where people can upload humours or tragic things that have happened to them, causing their day to become a little bit worse. Seeing as the iPhone / Android market place have made the need for a newspaper in the deification receptacle room, I have made this my choice app for having a poo in the morning. It sets me up nicely knowing someone else is going to be having a worse day than me.

Consider it a watered down Jeremy Kyle show without the smug twat shouting every two seconds.