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Modern Warfare

Posted in Uncategorized on August 15, 2010 by randomintermissions

... Abed Away ...

You could die tomorrow. Shut up. I know it’s morbid, but it’s possible. With this in mind I demand you take approximately 20mins and 54secs out of your life to watch the “Modern Warfare” episode of the very fine US series “Community”.

... Chang ...

This is episode 23 of a 25 episode series. All you need to know to catch up is that they are all drop-outs for some reason of another and although you wouldn’t expect any of them to get on, somehow the group dynamic works.

Sit back, watch, enjoy, and then you will download the entire series and enjoy… yes?


The Three Song Rule

Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2009 by randomintermissions

The Three Song Rule (here after refered to as TSR to save my precious fingers) is a complex yet adaptable art. I am not of course referring to the popular music book, but instead the lesser known method of deciding when to call it a night.

So you have been out (congratulations you little socialite) and  you have had an alright night; there were drinks, bit of dancing, good friends, but the evening is starting to dwindle and you are beginning to feel that maybe now is the right time to go home. But what if you miss something? A good song, the girl / guy of your dreams? It’s time for the TSR.


... Time to go ...

The TSR is complicated in nature. In basic terms, you allow three songs to play and if those three songs are terrible, you vacate the premises and head home. If one of those songs is (agreeably by all in your group) good, then you remain and reset the count. The complexity comes in the rules for a reset:

Finding the right time to begin the count is vital. Everyone in your group must be at the same stage of considering moving on. When the call goes up to begin, you wait until the beginning of a new song. This is song one and is nearly always a let down. Chalk it up…

Song two begins, and it’s okay, nothing fantastic, but not enough to make you cover your ears howling in pain – what do you do? Consider it as okay and reset the count? Consider is as terrible and chalk it up as song 2? The easier option is to just ignore it and pretend it never happened, making the next song, song 2.

Song two therefore will be terrible, it’s the way DJs seem to work as they are approaching the later hours of the evening. Small hints of decent music, enough to keep you hovering, but ultimately let downs. Chalk it up…

Song three – now this will be a good one. It’s Sod’s law. Song three will always tip the balance and have you running like the now drunken fool you are to the dance floor and throwing yourself around like a 17-year-old again. Enjoy it and reset the count.

Things then get a little simpler and usually this will happen:

Song 1 – terrible

Song 2 – terrible

Song 3 – terrible

Meaning it’s time to go, goodnight, The Three Song Rule has spoken.


N.B. Please note that these are my interpretations of the three song rule as utilised on most ventures into town, please use and adapt as you see fit.