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What have they done to Doctor Who?


... Doctor Who 2008 ...

I am a fan, a BIG fan of Doctor Who. Well geek, I suppose, but oh well. However, recent developments in the Doctor Who universe leave me feeling rather disappointed and a little bit worried. Most people know by now that a new Doctor will be taking over from David Tennent in 2010. This is a great shame as in my humble opinion, Tennent has done a fantastic job of portraying the 900 and a bit year old Time Lord, but his parting words implied that if he didn’t jump ship when he did, then he would have to be carted out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. in a  bath chair.

Our new Doctor will be one Matt Smith, the youngest actor to play the role to date. Now that’s fine, I wouldn’t mind having a crack at being the Doctor myself (just a shame I can’t act) and I am a couple of years younger than Mr. Smith, but having seen the guy interviewed and read comments he has made, I have taken an instant dislike to him. He’s too… what’s the word? Camp? Arrogant? A combination of the two? I could be wrong, and to be fair the first time I saw Tennent interview I wasn’t keen and was subsequently proven wrong, but I fear Smith could be the worst Doctor yet.

So, new Doctor… fair enough, that happens from time to time, what with the Doctor’s ability to regenerate and the like. But when the program returned to our screens in 2005, it was obviously a bit of a reboot having been off-air for nearly 20 years. Now, just four years and two Doctors later they are “rebooting” the show again. Steven Moffat (possibly the best Doctor Who writer since the show returned in 2005) will be taking over from Russell T. Davies as head writer, fair enough… but a new Doctor and new head writer is not what I would consider cause enough to require them to completely reboot the franchise, introducing a new logo, a new interior of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and restarting the series number count from 1 again (this will mean that in Doctor Who’s history to date there will have been 3 series 1s. The very fact they feel a reboot is required scares me and implies that the program is in trouble and they are desperately attempting to cling to their fan base now that David Tennent is leaving.

... 2010 Doctor Who Logo ...

... 2010 Doctor Who Logo ...

[actually, in retrospect, I quite like the new logo…]

Thankfully, before his departure we still have a few golden moments of Tennent to look forward to. The next of the 2009 specials, The Waters of Mars, will be airs on BBC One, 15th Nov. (the time is unknown at present) quickly followed by a 6-part animated adventure, Dreamland, to start on November 21st (although clips of this are available online and it looks like the worst animation I have seen in a while). Finally, there will be two specials over the Christmas period that will see the demise of the present Doctor in what is allegedly a very emotional farewell and rumoured to see [spoilers ahead, highlight to view…] Rose Tyler before she knew the Doctor seeing him regenerate.

Having said that, I could just be being paranoid and it could be the best season yet.