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The film script romance

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Before you get too engrossed, this isn’t going to be a detailed analysis into the subject of how T.V. and film is ruining romance for the masses, more of a personal rant. Should the former be your bag, then I am sure a quick Google search will reveal what you are looking for. Merry hunting.

Gone with the Wind

Anyway, recently I tried the whole being set up thing again, not entirely sure why baring in mind each previous attempt at this has ended in failure (I am not sure whether my friends just have a really poor perception of the type of girl I like or whether they are simply doing it to be cruel) but I figured what the hell, it can’t hurt, right?

Now, the first thing you should be thinking is “When has the expression ‘It’s can’t hurt, right?’ ever been uttered when in some way shape or form it hasn’t in fact ‘hurt'”. None as far as I can recall [if you have experienced this, then feel free to correct me].

Asides aside, the first date was rather nice, very ‘clicky’ and chatty, got to know each other reasonably well. There was a little pressure with her having children, but quite reasonably I was not expected to be involved with them, not at least until I long way down the line and for that I was grateful. I am no where near ready for my own kids, let alone starting to integrate myself with others.

Now obviously having children is a huge responsibility, and I would never take anything away from that, least not from a single mother. Juggling baby-sitters and free time must be an absolute nightmare. So when I enquire as to a second date on a weekday evening, I didn’t go in with high expectations and sure enough she’s busy. No harm, no foul. I set about making other plans, working late and possibly a drink or two. But then a text, she’s has managed to get someone to watch the kids. Great at first glance, but oh shit, I am working late… working late + Ben = bad mood. Oh well, it all was very late notice, I’ll just let her know and we can sort something out for another time, be a little bit more organised. Oh how wrong could I be?

Four hours of being accused / shouted at for “messing her about” later, followed by discussions you would only expect the long married and bitter to have the classic “Please do not contact me again” text has been received.

I long for that fairy tale romance: Boy meets girl, they go on a crazy, random exciting adventure, fall in love and live happily ever after (of course I mean more Doctor Who than Disney), but life just isn’t like that.

Having written all this out, there appears to be no point or drive to it other than to vent my frustration. I hope I haven’t bored you too much dear reader, but I do have one simple request for you; if you know someone you think would be ‘perfect’ for me… right now I am not bloody interested!


what? What? WHAT?

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What the hell was this guy thinking? Click image to view…

... Click Me ...

Source: Reddit.


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I would love to return with the usual excuses and promises that I will attempt to update this blog more often, but I am just not finding the time / doing anything interesting enough to warrant boring you all with it.

Until I have something interesting to say, here is someone elses blog with a rant that I support: read.

Jumping on the band wagon…

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Any body who reads Black Box Conversations’s blog should have seen his recent post about Valve’s E3 news; namely the reveal that they are launching Left for Dead 2 this year, and yet not a peep about the eagerly awaited Half Life 2, Episode 3.

I just want to jump on the band wagon to some extent and also voice my disappointment. I am not going to repeat everything he said, for that would be a waste of every bodies time (for the post [click]), instead I am going to focus on something Valve have got right… making damn fine games.



Half Life was released in 1998, and 11 years later I am still playing it, not because I fail at computer games (although to my recollection I have only completed the original Half Life twice), but because Valve make games with enormous re-playability factor. Time and time again Gorden Freeman has wandered the halls of Black Mesa and City 17, restarting the saga every time news is realised about the next installment. So, even in the absence of any news relating to Episode 3, I begin the Half Life from it’s routs, yet again.

I would put a review of the saga, explain why it is amazing, how it is a revolution in computer gaming story telling, graphics, yarda, yarda, yarda… but chances are if you are reading this, you have already played them and know all this…

Here’s to Valve… [although if you work for Valve and you are reading this, where is Episode 3?]

Tabard Rape

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Picture the scene; it’s a Saturday, your local high street is heaving with rushed shoppers. As your pushing your way through the bustling crowd, striving towards your destination, without warning, you’re pounced.


I’m talkin metaphorical rape of course… by charity workers. Often seen in packs and sporting brightly coloured tabards, these “volunteers” (and I use the term very loosely for reasons which you will soon discover) charity workers are as much of our high street wildlife as the pigeons feasting on our cast off chips. Within mere moments of spotting their prey, the bound, shrieking an over enthusiastic hello and moving (without pause) to a scripted monologue intended to pull on the heart strings of their victim. Their desired outcome? Your money.

Now please do not take this the wrong way, I am not against charities OR volunteer charity workers. I take offence to the paid ones, those very ones wearing the colour tabards.

I would not mind if it was a minimum wage, I know there are few people out there available or able to work for free in this day and age [insert economic crisis rant here], but most of them are being paid upwards of £7 an hour. How exactly is my donation of “just £3 a month supposed to help abused children / the R.S.P.C.A. / Africa / cancer research when it would take my monthly donation and that of another hapless soul just to fund the guy on the street for one hours worth of work.

I just want some insurance that my money is being spent on the cause in question…