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Rule 374

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It doesn’t matter if your socks don’t match…

... Odd socks are cool ...


Ode to the Irish… (Part Two)

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Some of you may have seen my status update on facebook last yesterday about amusing phrases I have overheard on my trip to Ireland this week. For those of you that didn’t, here you go:

... From the facebook of Ben Chandler ...

So, day complete, I have myself a nice little meal and settle down for a nice sleep in preparation for the following day still smiling a little to myself. Today I woke up refreshed, shower, breakfast and then stroll outside to wait for my lift. No sooner am I out of the doors to the hotel that I look up and spot a green road sign. Nothing to special about that, but this green road sign was announcing in big, bold, white letters (in both Gaelic and English,) that it is a mere 10KM to the charming Irish town of Limerick. As the smile spreads slowly across my face the corner of my eye spots three businessmen striding across the car park. I cannot hear their conversation and there is nothing really notable about them until without warning and with considerable volume, the chap in the middle spouts “Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…

If someone doesn’t, in all seriousness, great me with “Top of the morning to you” tomorrow, I am going to be flying home a bitterly disappointed man.

This post is for [insert name here]

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There is some irony in what I am about to write in so far as this is a generic post for each and every one of you about the nature of individuality.

Life is a funny old thing, it has that unexplainable way of getting on top of us and grinding us into a rut.


... The Bluth Company ...

When you think about it, I mean really think after having looked into loads of conflicting arguments about the nature of man and why / how we are here, all it really boils down to (ignoring religion of course) is a collection of atoms. Everything in the known universe is made of the same building blocks resulting in you, yes you, made of the same essential parts as the stars and the computer screen (or mobile device) you are currently staring at. It just so happens that a fluke that no one can explain at present has resulted in an arrangement of those building blocks that has made you, a unique and exciting possibility.

We all have little quirks and eccentricities that make us who we are, and those should be celebrated. Humans are all the same and yet so drastically different, take who you are, those crazy thoughts you might have, that inner monologue, that weird tick, whatever it is, take it, celebrate it and be magnificent.

We were all thinking it.

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... Velocirapture ...

Don’t lie to me, I know you were.

Joking aside, it did turn vaguely apocalyptic at 6pm on Saturday. For those of you who missed this, Saturday 21st May 2011 was meant to be Judgement Day. Thankfully this all turned out to be bollocks… unless no one is worthy of The Raptured… but then where are our battling demons on Earth? What a wash out.

Source: Reddit.

what? What? WHAT?

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What the hell was this guy thinking? Click image to view…

... Click Me ...

Source: Reddit.

Today I saw this…

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... FML ...

… i loled.

Odd coincidence, I was sat on the toilet when I discovered this little gem. For those of you who don’t know, FML is a charming little website (and as you can see, app) where people can upload humours or tragic things that have happened to them, causing their day to become a little bit worse. Seeing as the iPhone / Android market place have made the need for a newspaper in the deification receptacle room, I have made this my choice app for having a poo in the morning. It sets me up nicely knowing someone else is going to be having a worse day than me.

Consider it a watered down Jeremy Kyle show without the smug twat shouting every two seconds.

Happy last night on Earth

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If religion is to be believed, tomorrow is the Rapture.

... The Rapture ...

Of course, I don’t believe a word of it and this is only one of the countless times we have seen stories about how life as we know it is about to end, apocolyptic or otherwise (end of the world / swine flu.)

But just in case I am wrong, then it’s been a delight all, make sure you have a blow-out night, and I’ll see you in hell.

Chandler out.

... I'm outta here ...