This post is for [insert name here]

There is some irony in what I am about to write in so far as this is a generic post for each and every one of you about the nature of individuality.

Life is a funny old thing, it has that unexplainable way of getting on top of us and grinding us into a rut.


... The Bluth Company ...

When you think about it, I mean really think after having looked into loads of conflicting arguments about the nature of man and why / how we are here, all it really boils down to (ignoring religion of course) is a collection of atoms. Everything in the known universe is made of the same building blocks resulting in you, yes you, made of the same essential parts as the stars and the computer screen (or mobile device) you are currently staring at. It just so happens that a fluke that no one can explain at present has resulted in an arrangement of those building blocks that has made you, a unique and exciting possibility.

We all have little quirks and eccentricities that make us who we are, and those should be celebrated. Humans are all the same and yet so drastically different, take who you are, those crazy thoughts you might have, that inner monologue, that weird tick, whatever it is, take it, celebrate it and be magnificent.


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