With the house move done and the bedroom looking rather good, a modest entertainments section on the go, my thoughts inevitably turn to improvements. 

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I plan on turning to carpentry to build myself a 1.5 seater sofa to sit at the end of my bed, facing the television. This sofa will be comfortable, multifunctional (gaming, telly watching and for people to crash on should they visit) and most importantly, will not fall down. 

How hard can it be? A couple of good, solid bits of wood for the arms / ends of the sofa, a few slats (I estimate from the very rough drawings in my head that I shall need three for the base, and three for the backing) and some cushions. 


Actually, I might just check the Argos website… Oh, and Ikea.


2 Responses to “Carpentry”

  1. Not sure about Argos! whatever you produce is gonna give you a lot more satisfaction than a number from a catalog! probably last longer too… lol good luck

    • randomintermissions Says:

      Thanks, I think I am going to need it. I’m not exactly the most able when it comes to building my own things, well apart from a bird box I made when I was 7, but I am sure my dad did a little more of the work than I!

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